Cupcakes by Ruth! began as a labor of love…

hannahMy mother was a pastry chef and when I was young, my parents opened a French restaurant. I literally learned at my mother’s apron strings. She baked…we talked…I learned. She shared the love and I didn’t even know it.

When my mother passed away, I was determined to honor her memory. And so, I began to bake using my mother’s recipes. When my daughter started school, I became ‘the Cupcake Mom’. We even celebrated my daughter’s 8th birthday with a cupcake decorating party! Baking brought me closer to my mother and my daughter.

Several years later, life changes allowed me an opportunity to really go for my dreams. And so, with much love and support, Cupcakes by Ruth! was born. I love what I do and I think you can taste the love in each bite.

My mom always said her secret ingredient was love. I tell my daughter the same thing. And now I am happy to share the cupcake love with you!